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Urbanisation reinforces the impacts of climate change such as increased temperatures, increased rates of flash flooding, and reduced habitats (London Climate Change partnership, 2014).


  • The energy used in our homes accounts for more than a quarter of the UK’s Carbon Dioxide emissions and energy use, housing therefore provides a huge opportunity to cut emissions and energy usage (DoECC, Department of Energy and Climate Change, 2013).

  • Out of the total energy consumption in an average household, 50% goes to space heating, 27% to run appliances, 19% to heat water and 4% goes to air conditioning (Buildings and their impact on the environment, 2009).

'Construction has a major impact on the environment through the materials used, energy used to create materials and transport these, increased dust and pollution, and reduced green spaces. The construction industry consumes around 4.5% of energy used in the UK each year, and buildings once completed consume 40%.'

(Futur Energia, 2013).

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