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Earth Champions Quests - The Search is on

Who are Earth Champions?


Earth Champions are everyday heroes within the community. They are people and organisations that are making a difference to the environment and have the wisdom to show and teach us how to take action.


These are the people within the community who grow organic food, restore polluted waterways, create buildings that use a fraction of the energy, save and protect wildlife and nuture plants. They are also business leaders who influence the behaviour of whole corporations in a positive way to save energy and resources. 

This inspiring programme runs for twelve months and its impact has the potential to shift our patterns of behaviour and create an better future for many generations to come.


Through acknowledging and celebrating these heroes work and contribution,  we are all able to share their knowledge and learn how to take steps to make changes.


It is these positive changes that can then be adopted and replicated across local and global communities.


Time to Act

We need to act with a sense of urgency to find and implement solutions to repair and nurture the earth and to leave a legacy of a healthy planet for future generations. 

We can all start seeking solutions and making changes by looking within our communities at grass roots level; If each person does one small thing to improve his or her neighbourhood and encourages others to do the same, the ripple effect will influence the future of our earth in a positive way.


The Earth Champions initiative offers a unique opportunity to participate in finding your own local solutions and heroes who have led the way across eight, distinct areas; Water, Air, Energy, Waste Elimination, Transport, Biodiversity, Built Environment and Wellbeing.


Previous global Earth Champions programmes have found people who have been quietly addressing the systemic issues that we are all facing, often unpaid and yet happy and determined to make a difference in a practical, sometimes simple and local way. They include people who save the seeds of endangered plant species in Australia, farmers producing energy from farm waste to power their farms, to a Swiss aviator who flies the solar powered plane he created, and a young fisherman in Hong Kong who saves sharks from having their fins cut off for soup.

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