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Seven great reasons to nominate a local Earth Champion…



It could make a world of difference!


1. Give your young hero the thanks they deserve


‘Thank you’ is an underused word; yet thanking someone is a powerful way to boost his or her self-esteem and confidence. Nominating your green hero sends them a special message of thanks, which can renew their energy and enthusiasm for their project.


2. Celebrate their achievements


Every nominee you put forward will be invited to a special celebration event in May 2015. You’ll get the chance to join them and other heroes as we honour their skill, creativity and hard work, and the positive difference they’ve made to our local community and planet.


3. Learn HOW to do something positive about climate change and well being.


Many people say, ”I would love to do something to make a difference, (about stopping plastics in the sea, the climate changing, affordable transport, or help a friend who is a bit down) but don’t know HOW….” Well look around and see who is doing good, nominate them and we can learn from each other.


4. Get them some expert insight


All Earth Champion nominees will be invited to tell us the story of their project. Our team of specialist evaluators – including representatives from the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), will then review their work. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for your hero to discover how their work fits into the wider scheme of green projects happening all over the world.


5. Shout their message from the rooftops


We’ll organise a Community Day in 2015 where your hero will be able to showcase their work and spread the word about what they’re doing. We’ve also teamed up with the Bristol Post to give some lucky nominees (selected at random) the chance for extra publicity.


6. Empower them to do more


Nominating your local green youth hero could open the door to some fantastic opportunities. They’ll get a write-up of their work published in the Knowledge Pond, alongside those of Earth Champions from across the globe. Some of our local Earth Champions will also get to lead learning programme to inspire and empower others in our local community.

Becoming an Earth Champion means joining a worldwide network of potential supporters and collaborators – and perhaps even connecting with sponsors.


7. Help create a healthier planet

Without your nominations, there would be no Earth Champions programme. We need you to find the brilliant local environmental solutions that already exist in our community then more of us can learn HOW to create a healthier planet. 







There are many ways you can participate in the Earth Champions Quest. Perhaps you would like to nominate an individual, group, private or public organisation as a Champion? Maybe your organisation can see that this year-long campaign will make a difference and would benefit from aligning itself with the Earth Champions Quest through sponsorship? Perhaps you would like to donate to help realise this campaign or maybe you would like to volunteer?


Earth Champions Quest programmes are run globally, please contact us if you would like to discuss hosting an initiative in your city.


Please contact Fiona Mathews, CEO, Earth Champions Foundation for sponsorship details.

'The greatest danger we have as a species is that we think someone else will save us …'

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