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Bristol Intergenerational Peace Garden

The Intergenerational Peace Garden project is the first of it's kind for Bristol. The programme is running in partnership with the Earth Champions Foundation, Linkage and Windmill Hill City Farm. 

At a time of great turbulence, this is a great opportunity to create a symbol of peace and unity for Bristol. 


Joining youth with senior members of the community, the programme provided free, hands-on training in classes such as Organic Food Growing, Negotiation Training and cooking. The attendees also had the opportunity to dream, design and create a Peace Garden at the Windmill Hill City Farm site in Bedminster, Bristol. The group took part in seed planting, a tasting tour, floristry, terrarium building and design.


The project aimed to remove barriers and fears between generations, create a strong sense of community, teach new skills which support sustainable and green behaviour and develop communal responsibility. 

The programme allowed individuals and groups who may not otherwise have had the opportunity, to share a common interest and vision. It also provided new skills both social and environmental that will allow people to make their community a better, greener, safer and more enjoyable place to live.


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