Earth Champions and Young Stars - Kew Gardens Research Visit

The Earth Champions Team, Young Stars and their families, and members of the Catalyst in Communities team visited Kew Gardens on the 14th of September for an exploratory, preliminary research visit. It was a beautiful late summer day and everyone who attended brought food from his or her own culture to share. We had food from India, Pakistan, Africa, Greece, and the UK. The experience was fantastic as everyone got to share their food, enjoy new and different flavours and discuss their hopes for the Peace Garden. The Earth Champions team set everyone a task to find their three favourite plants, take photos of these and write down their names for discussion later. Everybody went together to a treetop walk and saw different types of tree canopy and learned about horse chestnuts and sweet chestnuts. We also walked through and explored a Mediterranean garden, the hot houses and flower gardens before we broke apart to explore further.

At the end of the day we regrouped and discussed what we had each found and how we would like to incorporate these findings into the Peace Garden. The day was very enjoyable, educational, ad inspiring. Everyone said that they had really enjoyed the experience and learnt about new plants and flowers and the types of soil, which suit different species. Many of the group want to grow plants in the Peace Garden that can provide flowers and food, and trees that can provide places to sit, reflect, give shade and shelter them. They also expressed an interest in species from each of their own cultures and plants, which represent peace across the world.


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