Newham Peace Garden Residential

The Earth Champions Foundation and Catalyst in Communties have just held a three day residential for the 'Young Stars' youth group as a part of the Newham Peace Garden Project which was funded by Awards for All.

The team and 15 of the Young Stars spent three days at Woodrow House. Over the course of the trip the Young Stars took part in a wide range of activities and learning. They had lessons on managing their emotions and anger, changing their state, martial arts, archery, growing and eating seasonal food, recycling and green living. We also went on several walks in the ground and collected seedling trees for the Newham Peace Garden.

The Young People increased their leadership skills; Learned Restorative Techniques to ensure conflict is self managed, with positive outcomes; Developed a sense of pride in themselves and their community; Increased their self-respect and have greater empathy with other Young People and others in their community; Improved green skills and provide volunteering experience, improving their employability.

They now have the skills and their own local Peace Garden which gives them a focus and a plan to sustain the group and the garden for the future


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