Earth Champions Celebration Awards Ceremony

On June 8th 2015 at the Bristol Zoo Gardens, we celebrated all of the nominated Earth Champions and awarded those who were recognised as Valued Earth Champions and Outstanding Earth Champions.

EC Group 2  P1050655.JPG

Some of the awarded Earth Champions and team after the ceremony

The awards were presided over by the wonderful Keynote speakers Sir Crispin Tickell - International Chairman of the Advisory Board and Ms Inger Andersen - Director General of the IUCN.

The ceremony began with a warm welcome from The Earth Champions CEO Fiona Mathews who spoke of the need for local heroes at all levels. Ms Inger Andersen also spoke clearly of the need for local action and recognising how vital nature is for our survival. Ms Andersen mentioned how pleased she was to be working with the Earth Champions Foundation, following in the footsteps of her previous predecessors. Sir Crisin Tickell discussed the problems surrounding climate change and that we must all be aware and take action.

 EC Audience 3 P1050613.JPG

Ms Inger Andersen (DG IUCN) Sir Crispin Tickell (International Chairman of Advisory Board)

Two members of the Earth Champions team then presented the unique 'Earth Champions State of the Local Planet Report', which was met with fascinated concentration from the audience as they learned the state of their local area - Bristol.

state of the planet P1050589.JPG

Saara Benfield and Irene Crescenzi presenting the 'State of the Local Planet Report'.

Following these inspiring talks the event moved onto the awards. 70 Earth Champions were recognised with 35 of those awarded as Outstanding. It was fantastic to see some of the wonderful work the nominees had been doing and recognise the hard work and dedication which each of the awarded Earth Champions have given to their projects and organisations.

Awards 20150608_170830.jpg

Outstanding Awards - made by local Bath Artist, Coila - Ann


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