Bringing young and old together

Bristol Intergenerational Peace Garden

Floristry session with some of the attendees

The Earth Champions Foundation have just finished a wonderful Intergenerational Peace Garden programme at Windmill Hill City Farm in Bristol, with kind sponsorship from Awards for All and Wessex Watermark.

Many people don’t have the opportunity to interact with people of different ages and backgrounds. During our Earth Champion interviews a common theme that people mentioned was that they didn’t get much chance to interact with different age groups. We spoke to various young people who also reiterated the same thing. We felt there was a need for a project of this nature which brought people together and improved the environment.

The Intergenerational Peace Garden Programme brought a group of people together from various age groups and backgrounds. We had attendees from the Princes Trust, LinkAge, local volunteers and a community day centre for people with learning support needs, Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Over the course of 15 sessions the group learned new skills, interacted with each other and worked on the Peace Garden. The group took part in seed planting, terrarium building, potting on, pizza making, floristry and organic food growing.

The pizza making session was very popular. Susan the head gardener led the group on a tasting tour of the garden to collect herbs and salads. We tasted Sorrel, Mint, Rocket, Lemon Verbena and Chicory and gathered lots more to eat with our pizzas. Everyone made their own individual pizza and cooked them in the wood fired pizza oven.

Pizza making at the farm

Another memorable session was floristry with Jo from Organic Blooms. Jo taught the group about organic flower growing and how to create a beautiful bouquet. The group got to choose their own flowers and their own design.

Each week we had a tea break midway through the afternoon. This proved to be one of the most important parts of the programme for people to interact. The group all chatted with each other, formed friendships and talked about a wide variety of different topics.

We also did lots of gardening, whether that was in the peace garden or the greenhouses everyone had the chance to get their hands dirty. The peace garden really took shape and is now filled with beautiful plants and flowers.

Stan doing a spot of watering

The Intergenerational Peace Garden has transformed an unused part of the Windmill Hill City farm site and introduced a group of people who may never have had the chance to meet and interact previously. Three of the young people who attended the programme have volunteered to continue gardening at the farm, which was brilliant to see!

We hope the Peace Garden will be a legacy for the group for years to come and will provide a beautiful space for the public to enjoy.

We will be holding an official opening of the Peace Garden in September so watch this space for the date.


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