Earth Champions Founder presents Prakashache Bet award in Pune, India

The Earth Champions Foundation's Founder and CEO Fiona Mathews was invited by the Terre Policy centre to present an award in Pune, India, last week. The performance was a non-verbal act which drew attention to plastics in the ocean and the impact it has on own marine life and ecosystems called 'The Transparent Trap"

Plastic pollution is a big threat to the ecosystem. Awareness among the society about the eradication of plastic is must. Keeping this motto in mind, TERRE and Dhyaas organized a non-verbal theatre act on awareness about the harmful effects of plastic at Patrakar Bhavan near Ganjawe square, Pune.

After the act, the 'Prakashache Bet' award was presented by TERRE to Mr.Shrikant Bhidefor his magnificent contribution in creating awareness on environmental issues through theatrical acts. The award was presented at the hands ofFiona Mathews, President & CEO of ‘Earth Champions’, UK and Dr.Vinitaa Apte, Founder Director of TERRE.

Dr. Vinitaa Apte has initiated this award for appreciating the work of individuals who are sincerely doing a remarkable work for the environment on grass root level across Maharashtra.



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