World Oceans Day: Kenny Young and his services to the natural world and humanity

World Oceans Day
Kenny Young was given an Outstanding Earth Champions award today, in recognition of his Services to the Natural World and to Humanity.

Kenny Young 14 April 1941 – 14 April 2020, Outstanding Earth Champion

The Earth Champions Foundation want to honour Kenny Young. He has made an extraordinary contribution to the lives of people and the natural world. Kenny was a gifted songwriter, musician and producer who in the 1960s co-wrote “Under the Boardwalk” and became famous and successful enough not to work again. Instead, he turned his focus to environmental activism and worked tirelessly to support indigenous rainforest communities in their fight for land rights and to help people world over affected by climate change. The UN Global 500 Award also recognised Kenny’s work.

Kenny Young and Dr Sylvia Earle at the World Ocean Day event 2019

Kenny established the charity called Artists Project Earth (APE), that has produced five compilation albums with songs by some of the worlds most renowned artists, including Coldplay, Joni Mitchell, Ed Sheeran, Fleetwood Mac and featured Cuban and African musicians. APE raised money for environmental projects. They supported 400 projects in 30 countries in diverse fields such as climate justice, fracking and pollution, wildlife protection, reef conservation and marine plastic pollution.

Read the full obituary for Kenny Young 1941–2020


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