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Volunteer – A life changing experience!

We are looking for enthusiastic, motivated and passionate volunteers who would like to be a part of the Foundation No previous experience is needed just a willingness to learn new skills and an interest in the programme, full training and support will be provided.



This is a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills, meet dedicated and inspiring pioneers of environmental solutions, and develop an understanding of environmental issues and the need for change. We are looking for people who are friendly, open and happy to speak to lot’s of different members of the community. We are very aware that there are lots of fantastic environmental programmes in the area and the aim of this programme is to celebrate the amazing existing people and programmes here.


We would like volunteers who are interested in working to promote the programme through social media, word of mouth etc, and help to raise funds. 

You will work alongside representatives from the Earth Champions International Advisory Committee other environmental organisations. Full training will be provided for volunteers to provide transferable skills and travel will be reimbursed upon receipt.


Key skills which can be developed include:​

  • Communications

  • Confidence, integrity and community interaction

  • Promotions

  • Networking

  • Fundraising

  • CV development

  • Environmental Awareness

  • Community Outreach

  • Experience of working for a International Environmental Charity


Meet pioneers and be inspired with hope, possibilities and solutions ...
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