Earth. Made for life.
Let’s protect and cherish it.

Meet our Earth Champions who are inspiring communities through collective action

We discover

Earth Champions® Programme empowers communities to find and celebrate local, everyday people or organisations that are achieving outstanding environmental results in the areas of water, energy, transport, air quality, biodiversity, waste minimisation, wellbeing, the built environment and disaster risk management.

We share & grow

These Earth Champions® become the recognised leaders and mentors in community programmes that reinforce and embed ‘best practices’’ found within that community. These best practices are stored in a database called the “Knowledge Pond” that can be disseminated and widely shared with the global community.

We report & inform

We record the conditions and status of the local environment in simple and easily understood language to deliver accessible information and tools for communities to measure and manage the improvements their local Earth Champions® achieve.

We have been inspiring people around the world since 2000, and have accredited 438 Earth Champions to date.

What is Earth Champions®?

Founded in 2000, with the first award given by Nelson Mandela, the Earth Champions® Foundation has been discovering 100’s of practical environmental practices that minimise the progress and impacts of climate change.

We want billions of Earth Champions® all working on best practices that address climate change. Every step multiplied by billions of repetitions will have a major impact on mitigating climate change.

The Earth Champions® Discovery Quest finds local solutions for climate change that can be easily repeated by individuals, communities, businesses and governments.

Earth Champions® Quest

Role models for the future: The Earth Champions® Quest is the Foundation’s major initiative. The quest identifies ‘Earth Champions’, who are people and organisations that have made a significant and positive impact on an environmental issue.

Local individuals, communities, businesses & government: The purpose of the Earth Champions® Quest is to inspire people, especially youth. City communities seek and nominate their own champions. Nominations for environmental excellence are assessed by a distinguished panel based.

State of your local Planet​

Measuring, auditing and reporting on the vital status of the local environment is crucial to the process of sustaining life as we know it now and for our future generations.

The State of the Local Planet Report monitors the status of indicators: Air, Water, Energy, Transport, Built Environment, Biodiversity and Waste Reduction.

Knowledge Pond

Sharing of innovation in ecological best practices.Besides local environmental “heroes”, one of the most valuable outcomes of the Earth Champion® programme is an ever-expanding Knowledge Pond®, which holds the ideas from every Earth Champion® nomination worldwide.

Acting as a catalyst for technology transfer, the Knowledge Pond® is a tool for fostering global interaction. This on-line resource of environmental innovations across boundaries and will help to share solutions that can restore and sustain the planet.

Your action is required

We need to act with a sense of urgency to find and implement solutions to repair and nurture the earth and to leave a legacy of a healthy planet for future generations.

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