We Identify

Best practices are nominated by the local community and through local research 

We Evaluate

Nominations are evaluated by panels of local and international experts

We Award

Earth Champions are accredited and awarded and their best practices shared on a global platform

We Share and Grow

Knowledge is shared through our Knowledge Pond, events and speciality programmes



'It will take a local, national and global effort – with individuals, businesses and governments getting involved – to better the planet. To cope with this intimidating set of problems, we have to accept a sort of bewildering complexity of responsibilities. We need individual champions to see what should be done, we need community champions, we need government champions, and we need global champions - all interacting with each other to try and cope, as cope we must.'

Sir Crispin Tickell, at the launch of the Hong Kong Earth Champions Quest on 3rd August 2008.



Let's protect what we Love.


We are a small part of this incredible living Earth!

This little planet is the only home we have. We can live peacefully with all life forms as a Human Family. Our gift is to care and share and LOVE where we live.

Holding Plant