Acts of Green Kindness

Many people have said to us … ‘I would love to do something about climate change, but do not know HOW to’

Well we want to pool together hundreds of simple every day solutions for our wellbeing and environment that are positive, kind or restorative that everyone can easily do.

The more WE find and share solutions in our own communities the more likely we are to learn HOW to live happy, healthy and successful lives.

Climate change affects our health on all levels and it is vital that we all get involved and take part.

Some of the Random Acts we received included : Walk to work, plant flowers for bees, bake something for a lonely neighbour, change to 100% renewable energy, plant a vegetable garden, add a bird feeder to your garden or balcony, eat meat free for a day,share your produce, pick up the litter you see on the way to work, buy a coffee for a stranger, write a note of gratitude to someone, schools could count how many bird species are in their grounds.

We asked people to Tweet, Instagram, email and/ or Facebook what they did with words, pictures or videos using the hashtag #ECGreenKindness … Here are some of our results!