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One of the key success factors in the work of the Earth Champions is their highly participative approach, which creates ownership. Linking bottom-up concepts with policy top-down approaches is one of the key elements of their successful work. It demonstrates that the Earth Champions are a timely initiative, and one of the most important ones I know.

Mr Thomas Loster, Chairman of the Munich Re Foundation

"Our desire is to maximize the impact of our respective awards programmes and to explore means of linking them to help achieve their full potential. As such I would suggest that we develop an agreement that identifies opportunities for UNEP and Earth Champions Foundation to promote and support one another’s award programmes and that furthers our shared goals through partnership and mutual recognition. There are a myriad of possibilities for such mutual support and promotion.


UNEP would be happy to work with the Earth Champions Foundation. We should not waste the great potential we have for supporting and promoting one another’s work in recognizing the achievement of environmental champions".

Klaus Topher, Previous Executive Director, UN Environment Program 

'I am so pleased to be following in the footsteps of my predecessors and supporting the Foundation, their work is extremely valuable"

Inger Andersen, Director General of the IUCN

We are delighted that Bristol was chosen to host the 2014/2015 Earth Champions initiative. This important programme is in synergy with our beliefs and aims and will make a significant contribution to our community and environmental ambitions.

Mayor George Ferguson, Previous Mayor of Bristol


“Since its inception in 2000, the Earth Champions Foundation has taken its campaign to create a positive climate of hope from Australia to Switzerland, spreading the message also to different parts of the world. Hong Kong is proud to be associated with this meaningful movement. The innovation and enthusiasm that have driven the Champions in their pursuit of their environmental cause are reflective of the can-do spirit of the people of Hong Kong.

Small changes in individuals’ living habit, very often at little or no cost to them, could make big difference to the global environment. Thank you for coming to Hong Kong and assisting us in mobilising the community.”

Mr Edward Yau, Secretary of State for the Environment in Hong Kong 


“Anyone can be an Earth Champion – rich or poor, old or young” said Fiona Mathews the Foundation’s Founder. “We’ve had wonderful Champions as old as 93 and the youngest were 5 year old twins”

Fiona Mathews CEO & Founder of Earth Champions Foundation


“It is about time!” said Christine Loh, in response to the advice that Earth Champions is developing an “ecological Olympics”

Christine Loh Under Secretary for the Environment Hong Kong


“My experiences were quite literally, life changing.. What an incredible honour to meet Nelson Mandela. Wow! Thank you to the Foundation and the team”

Gina Litton Winner of the Earth Champions Youth Quest, Australia, 2000



“The Earth Champions Quest has been a rare opportunity to celebrate individual, group, corporate and government works and projects that have been hither-to largely unnoticed.” 

Tom Wilson, Mayor of Byron Shire Council, Australia 2003


The Quest was launched with Achim Steiner,  at the World Headquarters of the the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in Canton Vaud, Switzerland. Achim gave the "Call to Action" to the community.

Achim Steiner, Previous Director General of IUCN 


 Dr Zurcher said "That it is recognised at international conferences that it is important to foster local involvement of communities so they know how to act on issues of internationally recognised concern."

Mr Daniel Zurcher (Director, Environment Technology Services, Swiss Agency for the Environment)


Dr Jenny gave his full support to the programme pointing to the positive impact it brings about for the economic development of Canton de Vaud. “Alternative technologies offer hope to our youth with future jobs and people the world over”.

Dr Alain Jenny, Director General of the Granit Group, Lausanne:


"The Earth Champions Quest can help courageous Swiss innovators connect with an ever-growing pool of mind and money dedicated to environmental improvement.”

Mr Jean-Marc Buchillier - Mayor, ADNV, Yuerdon Les Bains.


“In ten months this Foundation has discovered more environmental solutions in this region than we have in 30 years. I recommend that we work with them”

Madame Sorgho-Mouliniere Director United Nations Development Programme Europe


Dr Anthony Taubman concluded that "This programme brings in the search for environmental solutions from the high level international conferences to the grass root level. This really does bring about change".

Dr Anthony Taubman, A Director of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO):


“I was surprised and inspired to see how many individuals and organizations are working for a sustainable future on our own doorstep in the Canton Vaud. The Earth Champions Award is a wonderful initiative  that spotlights a grass-roots movement that can mobilize the local community to action for sustainability” 

Sally Jeanrenaud, Deputy Director of International Union for Conservation of Nature IUCN. Switzerland. 

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