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Almost 50% of the total amount of food waste in the UK each year comes from our homes. This amounts to over 7 Million tones of food and drink waste (Love Food Hate Waste, 2014).



  • The average British family throws away six trees worth of paper every single year. About one fifth of the contents of household dustbins are paper and card, this is equivalent to over 4kg of waste paper per household each week (Reduce the Use 2012).

  • Recycling just one tonne of paper saves up to 70% energy used in manufacturing from virgin materials and requires 40% less water to produce, than making the product from new (Reduce the Use, 2012).

  • 54 per cent of our waste is still being sent to landfill, over 80 per cent of waste that could be recycled is not, and raw materials continue to be consumed at an unsustainable and environmentally destructive rate (Waste Watch, 2014).


'The world's annual consumption of plastic materials has increased from around 5 million tonnes in the 1950s to nearly 100 million tonnes today.'
(WRAP, 2014).

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